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Toni's Daughters

Claudia, Ulli and Irene
Three sisters, three businesses, a common passion - hospitality


A bit of history

After many years abroad, Toni returned home with his wife, Rosmarie to Vöran, or Verano, above the town of Merano in Alto Adige, to make his lifelong dream come true. With much love and hard work, they built a small, lovely mountain hotel from the farm they had inherited, which was no more than a crumbling ruin. From the start, the kitchen offered tasty meals based mainly on produce and meats from the local farms. As a farmer boy, he especially loved animals. And when the chance came to buy the neighbouring farm, the Mandlerhof, he lost no time. There was room there for the sheep, cows and pigs that ended up on the table for Rosmarie and Toni's guests. Rosmarie was a great help to her husband with the farm work and took loving care of their three daughters, who were happy to help their parents, even when they were still quite small. The seeds sown early bore good fruit, and all three girls, fascinated by their parents' hard work and holding to their principles of honesty, love for nature and innovation, decided to find their own ways, together.

Claudia, in the Hotel/Restaurant

Waldbichl Early on, Claudia discovered her passion for cooking and helped wherever she could. This passion became a profession and a vocation. Today, she is the lifeblood of the hotel, bringing innovation and tradition together. There are eight rooms, lovingly furnished in wood that was traditionally cut according to the phases of the moon.

Ulli, at the Beimsteinhof

Ulli and Ignaz truly bring farm tradition to life here. Now that the new farmhouse has been completed, guests are welcome here as well and can see farm life from up close, enjoying natural farm produce every day.

Irene, at the Mandlerhof

The youngest of the three sisters, Irene, with her husband Christian, gave the Mandlerhof farm new life and a new farmhouse as well. It is a great starting point for walking tours. During the day, Irene helps Claudia at the Waldbichl.


Claudia, Ulli and Irene
Three sisters, three businesses, a common passion - hospitality